dis is taight

dis is taight
pampers i wunt 2 b so prowde of u!&!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I wil got a gurlfiend bye 2marrow for shor!

g-ferb told me aboat this kool thing its cald onlien dayting.  I made a pro file on this place its so crazy and nice.  They call it OKcupid and  I am inlove with a womman.  her nam is bisqwik47.

I sed hy babe why doent u meet this @ hulu.com and letz whatch a movee.  then I am teking u 2 benjerry.com for ise craem.  Mabe if ur luky I can tak u too cragslizst wher I will bye u a neu stereo.

Monday, January 24, 2011

2dey I am beeing so krzy. im like hey diet pedro doo u want to bild a pile b4 pampers gets back frum grossery shoping??+!!

do u got a favort day for shor?  mabee u shood b moor lik mee.  I am pedro.  I hav the best favort day.

toodey we ceblerate the day b4 a munth after kristmas and its cald kristmunth eve.  every buddy comz and we do so crazi things and stuff.

pampers hes like if u do'nt fill the snoe man pin yata with my favort taipes of cheetos and mara sheeno chairies then i will thretten you.

then grampuh ferby send me a fax.  hey pedroe i want 2 brng my bff.  can i do that?*  he is coming withe me. thx.  g-ferb.

then pedromom lets her pet frawg/brick thing ete a huge hoel in g-ferbs bff and he caled pedromom reelly dum.

hey look itz big brosef frankfurt and he mite want to ete those flours.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

holy crarp tim for pedrolist 2010!!$#@! give me ur pressents now santa claws!

1  a hellicoptor.  maybe with a aligayter inside to throe on bad gyes
2  diet pedro tamagochi.  the diet he got a pedromom tamagochi last yr.  no fayre i wunt wun! maybe 2 pls!!@!
3  cheeto candycanes.  i need to hange chetos on my xmas t ree but thyr not the wryte shape. hlp me santa i kant bend cheetoes only u can
4a shirt with a pilllo 'n syd so I can slepe in the shrt.
5  ta

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wats uhp club pedro!?^^ pedro in the hose 2nite 4ever!(!)

this is my new thing named pampers. is he cool?!7

Maybe; you think hey is pedrohouse cool?  Is the rooms real cool~?  I am pedro.  I hav too things 2 tell u. 

1..  i hav a lrg snak.  Second u cant get in my hose.  Pampers never lets you. 

One day, yesterday or mabe today pampers tride to ete my snak.  Pampers no bad cray-z pampers!)(!    that snak is poyzunnis!  evEn pedromom cnt get inside this pedrohouse.  

this are the pedromom in her favort dress for shor

                        Shes like hay pedr wherz the key. dont you hav it wrapt in a towl on topf of the sprinkler?  

im like hay what r u crackin pedromom?#  u cnt come to my pedroplace any mor not even pampers puppyhouse or he will ete yur face for shor!@

shes like hay gess what diet pedro and me r not frends anymore on facebook or xboxlive.  i just did that on my blackberry.   

i cant belief it pedromom left like 10 seconds ago becase gramps furby put on twitter he cante remember what yogurt is.  

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chek out this stuff can be soo crazy sumtime !)

looook I am so freekin famus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

when pedro hite tha clubz, he lik to impress da laydees.  This are my phavorite lines to impress da ladees.

Hay babe I been looking at u 4 hours and I cante take my eyes out of you
hay babe if u liek my house we can go to it
hy beba.  do: u lik pupies cus if u have one I would like to be its frend maybe tomorrow if possibel.
whatsz goin on babe can I ripen yur froot?

my Big brosaf Frankfurt sed once 2 me.  Hey Pedr try this one.   hay whuts up I lik dark choclate tootsie rolls

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello this are the zooo. whats yur favorite flavor???J!

today we seen a munky and it spit on teeni weeeni diet pedro.  I laugh hard and choked on a berry.